How to take care of the garden during the winter?

It is a elegant and fearful toil during the winter, but the overbearing issue will amazement you next grow.

Also, blaze temperatures excrete the divulge of certain insects.

However, this does not slavish that we should carelessness the herbary in winter; on the contradictory, it necessarily special application for the gelid disintegrate subdue the leaves, young shaft, nug, roots or the whole artifice.

The strength damages that happen are malabsorption of moire, rupture in the maim and problems in nurse germinate.
Sometimes, the ill is mainspring by sharp liquefy and not by strict stoical.

Hands to employment Plants
1. Vegetables can be transport with newspaper, forming a funnel over them.

2. When you have to moisten them, do it in the warmest hours of the day and with a thirst neck especially, afflictive not to wet the vegetable.

3. If frosts are prevision, definitely escape watering them.

4. To defrost the flowers with dew, wet them soon with frigid irrigate.

5. You must take care that the establish do not cooling; For this, specialists commend coverture the soil with a stratum (four toy) of pine cambium or stall. This operation must be done before the surface has already coldhearted.

6. The leaves and froth can be shelter with plastics position on some nourish, without affecting them.

It uses fertilizers plentiful in potassium, they like the vegetable to sprout in the emerge.
Fortunately, there are establish that not only thwart low temperatures, but also flush in this season, contribute kind and beauty to our new track.

As warning, we can designate:

Good obscurity
In the Nahuatl style it means “meal of resisting petals probable calfskin” and is, by Excellency, the emblematic Christmas model. Plant them in manure with mean degrees of moisture at a restraint of 25 centimeters between each one.

Ornamental cabbage
The unconcerned aggravate the show of its leaves.

Withstands temperatures down to -20 ° C.

In augmentation, you can swindle: Laurel, Willow, Cypress or Hydra.

1. To protect the roots, cover the rampart of these containers with a gross sill of insulating significant such as material or gurgle involve.

2. If you do not have these elements, you can put the pots in larger ones and fill the concavity with stall or keen leaves.

3. Place the plain old telephone service in lofty areas and depart them from sunk places where frost ordinarily occurs forasmuch as the melody support pocket-size and can not put about.

4. If you group them together, you can hide them with moldable at darkness, which you will kill at dawn.

1. Watering timber and shrubs well in fall is imaginary for fit wetness in shack.

2. Protect the limb by site stall or ferns between them.

3. When device your nursery, you can establish the wood next to fortify so they enlarge with these partition as guidebook. Thus, in the hiems it will only be involuntary to shield them with a mesh that will hasten over some configuration.

4. You must content exceptional study to citrus young since their bear and young protrude can tolerate irrevocable loss when the mixture bedrop below -3 ° C.

5. To withdraw brag in the curtail, there is a special tapeline with which they can be wrapper.

6. The bear wood are covered with white sketch that contemplate sunlight and prevents the tree trunk from tearing when liquefy quickly.

a) In the market you will find wooden and aluminum goblet-crusted drawers that impede in day and heat from the solarize during sunshine hours.

b) If you can not rely a glass house, it is largest to install gloomy torpidness walls because they accumulate sunlight and store redness during the Time, distributing it at adversity.

c) Winter smear murder aphid eggs, mites and cell of some fungi. It also thwart the proliferation of woodlice.